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Kevin Spacey will show up before a UK court on sexual assault charges

Actor Kevin Spacey is cited with four counts of sex assault from three males, the Metropolitan Police has revealed.

The 62-year-old has additionally been convicted of causing an individual to participate in penetrative sexual activity without consent.

He’s thanks at Westminster Magistrates’ Court during 10: 00 BST on Thursday.

The charges occurred after the Metropolitan Police examined evidence collected during the investigation.

In March 2005, he had been accused of 2 counts of sex assault on a man in his 40s in central London.

He’s additionally charged with a single count of sexual assault as well as a single count of causing an individual to engage in penetrative sexual activity with no consent on a male in his 30s in London in August 2008.

The fourth charge of sexual assault is against a different male, who’s additionally in his 30s, in Gloucestershire in April 2013.

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